PUBG - Why we should use M416 AR in Player Unknowns Battleground

Hello & welcome guys in our “why should" article where I dump all my knowledge about the weapons and tell you why and when you should be using them so why should you use the m416.

The m416 is an incredible weapon in pubg and for that reason also one of the most popular it does require the most attachments of any assault rifle together with the mutant

Optional attachments 

A compensator and a vertical grip this allows for great control during single fire short and longer sprays and especially scoped spring is strong with this weapon to the half grip is also a great option and will give you better performance.

Long Sprays

Long sprays like when spraying down vehicles the m416 did recently get its base damage reduced from 43 to 41 but can still pitch out a good amount of damage and is placed comfortably in the middle on the time-to-kill charts so the damage is not the main reason you choose this weapon you choose it because they can do good kind of damage with a surgical precision this gun.

The Accuracy

It is extremely accurate when spraying which is why many highly skilled players love to use it with a scope scope spring works great because as long as you can manage this recoil you can land that spray with a top precision the combination of decent damage per second.

Easy To Control

Easy to control spray together with a high bill of velocity makes the m416 a beast versus moving targets such as vehicles or simply vs of running player with this level of versatility players have a lot of secondary weapons to choose from as energy is great with both the AR's and snipers pairs the m416 with the DMR.

Moving Targets

A highly explosive package that shreds moving targets and enemies admit range while it performs decently against close and long-range targets the only problem with this combo is peak duels vs. bolt-action snipers which is why you might choose to use one yourself together with the M form the choice is yours.

Most Versatile Weapon

This gun is the most versatile world spawn weapon in the game it works great on all available maps and in almost all situations and while it does require a lot of attachments you can still perform great without the ideal setup.

Be careful of getting too close to enemies with an Uzi or a vector as those guns are specifically tuned to deal with assault rifles in close quarters. 

Best in Both Long and Short Range

So you should use the m416 because you want to minimize the amount of situations.
where you are at a disadvantage and because you prefer to fight enemies around mid-range distance and because you enjoy not worrying so much about weapon synergy this is the go-to none before specializing in other assault rifles.

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