PUBG - Few Important thing about the new Win94 Sniper

The addition of a scope to the Winchester 94 combined with increased drop rate on Miramar makes this gun the most accessible sniper rifle in the game if you play Miramar with extremely low weight ammunition and requiring only a single attachment this is your early game sniper and will be a fun weapon throughout the entire game but before you really get to work with this gun I'm gonna let you in on the some things you must know about the win 94.

The Scope Design

its a 2.7 times magnification scope and comes with this summer Instagram filter making the colors warmer compared side-by-side to a 6 x scope the zoom 2/3 the level of zoom looks almost identical

Bullet Velocity

Win 94 is 760 meters per second which makes it identical to the kar 98 as When i hit my target at the exact same time with both guns what you can also see from this example is that the bullet drop is also the same.

In fact the winchester 94 has the exact same ballistics curve as the car 98 so at any given distance the bullet velocity will be the exact same for both weapons if you want to manually adjust the scope sensitivity of the Winchester you have to adjust the 2x scopes sensitivity which is kind of strange since it would make more sense to do it for the 3x it is possible to one shot and level one helmet with a hatchet from win 94 but it will only do a maximum of 99 damage to a level 2 helmet.

The Reload Speed 

its a must-have attachment if you want to use this gun the entire game reload time is reduced by 30%.

Quick scope

to being a lever-action rifle the winchester 94 has an extremely fast reach chamber speed making it the absolute best sniper for quick scoping in the game this is both extremely fun and challenging at the same time since you will be using a low zoom scope for long distances it is even more important to remember where your bullet hits while leaning many players forget to realign their scope on a leaning snipe which will cause their bullets to miss the targets and this effect which is relevant for all scopes of course will be more noticeable when shooting long-range targets with low zoom scopes the weapons way of the wind 94 is the same as a normal sniper but the sniper can have a cheek pad equipped in the winchester cannot of course and finally the Winchester is now the only gun in the game that has that golden scope but only if you have the golden skin that just increased in value on the Steam market funny enough I hope you enjoyed these things you must know about the winchester 94.

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