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Hello & Welcome guys I'm back again with another article and today I'll show you the five of the very best android apps that i used in the previous month all of these apps are completely free to use and the links to all of them will be below the title. So hello everyone welcome to my blog Tips by GD my name is HK and without wasting any further time let's start this article.

Rembo - Reminder

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So the first app in our today's list is called Rembow with over 50,000 plus downloads and a rating of 4.6 stars on Play Store.
This is basically a reminder app but at its core its take on its job is completely different you are presented with a message based interface, where you can text him just like you text your friend to remind you for some tasks or set an alarm and in return it will call you reminding you for that task or wake you up with the call.
it's a really fresh and unique take on what it does and I found that I didn't had any issues at all in making him understand what I wanted to say so this is surely a must-try app if you forget things easily and always need someone that you can count on to remind things out.
Top 5 Useful Apps In Daily Life 2018

Apps Free - App

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Our second app for today is called AppsFree with over 500,000 plus downloads and the rating of 4.6 stars on Play Store.
This is an app which shows you a list of all the apps that used to be paid but are offered for free at the Play Store. At the current moment for a limited amount of time. So basically it searches for all the apps on Play Store that are currently on sale for free and presents to you in this neat looking inventory, There you can see each of the apps rating the total number of downloads and the price, at which it was offered before just tap on any of the apps that you find interesting and it will directly take you to the download page in the Play Store.
I used it to download a couple of apps that I couldn't download before because back then they were not available for free. So check out this app if you want.


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So my next pick is called Zoetropic.
Nw this is one of the most unique apps that are used in a really long time so what this app does is that it takes any static image and with a bit of tweaks and customizations, It converts them into a forever moving image which looks really stunning So I tried something out in a hurry and even after I didn't had a lot of practice, I somehow managed to make it look really good and I'm really sure that if I spent a bit more time on it it will completely change in how an image looks they have also got an Instagram page where there are a lot of moving images created using this app.

it's really great to see what this app can do with just a single static image and converts it into something very unique and beautiful at the same time I highly recommend all of you to try it out at least once.


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Our forth app for today is called zatmosphere.
So this app actually provides you with different sound effects that you can combine together to create the perfect relaxing soundtrack to help you to calm down or to focus or to sleep in case you're feeling Restless.
There are several locations such as beaches forests urban cities underwater home and a lot more giving you a wide variety of sounds to choose from there's. Even a special section called binaural and isochronic which will help you to get better in case you're in stress depression anxiety or more.

By playing sounds from the frequencies which tends to help to cure them effectively I've actually tried a lot more apps similar to this one but I found that this one is the best among them all.

Life Hacks

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Finally our last stop for today is called LifeHacks. 
So this is a very useful app that provides you with everyday life hacks, that you can use to make your life a lot easier.
When you launch the app for the first time, it'll ask you to select from a bunch of topics that you're interested in and based on those topics it presents to you a large number of everyday hacks to help yourself out.

Even though I don't use all of the mentioned hacks it's really amazing to read and learn about things that are actually possible to do with the things that we come across in our everyday lives. There are loads of categories that you can explore and learn something new every time using this app.

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