PUBG PC Lite New Update - New Weapons etc

PUBG PC Lite New Update - Heal, New Weapon, Spectate Enemy, Etc

Hello & Welcome Guys to my blog Tips by GD, my name is HK and today we are talking about the new update of PUBG Lite.

So finally after such a long wait the new update of PUBG Lite has rolled in and to be honest I like it everyone knows that the last update was really really disappointing and it didn't added anything new to the game but that's not the case this time.

So what's this read article till the end in order to know about every major change that has been made to PUBG Lite in the latest patch by the way thanks for the huge support that you guys are showing on my YouTube streams to those of you who don't know I livestream PUBG Lite every single night from 8 to 11 so make sure to subscribe to Gaming With HK & press the notification bell in order to get notified whenever I am live or upload a new video now.

Heath Restore

Let's begin so the first major change is regarding the heal items now you can heal even while you're walking just like in PUBG PC and if you use a bandage when your health gets low it will automatically keep on applying bandages until you regain 75% of your health back or you manually stop by running or by pressing F.

Now you've got to think before pushing on enemies they're too low as you never know where they might have moved while applying the heal item literally a great addition to the game next major addition to the game is that of the spectate featured.

Spectate Enemy

Now whenever you die apart from the report and exit to lobby you'll see the spectate button using which you can spectate the person that killed you it'll now be easier to find and report hackers that might have joined your Lobby it's a great addition to the game.

New Pistol

I hope they add the death camp feature soon next thing that has been added to the game as a pistol called the scorpion this weapon basically comes in the pistol last but is very identical to easy it's an automatic pistol which can carry 20 bullets and with an extended Mac the capacity increases to 40 and on top of that you can even attach a stalk the one used in uzi a silencer 3 grips and a red dot to make it the best pistol ever in this game I'll try to do a scorpion challenge very soon on my YouTube channel.

New Arcade Mode

Next change is regarding the team deathmatch mode where the armor level has been updated from level 1 helmet and vest to level 2 impressive right this will allow you to improve your reaction time as now it'll take more bullets for your opponent to kill you apart from these changes a new crate called seaside trait is added which you can unlock using four-second medals to get beach costumes and skins and a new daily login system has been added which looks something like this so nothing regarding the sound has been described in the patch notes.

We will have to actually test it out to see the difference if there is any and just like I said apart from all of those rumors floating around know we can be map in the sub date but don't worry I'm damn sure they will add it in the next update so this was it for today.

I like this new update as it's a lot better than the previous one but I would really like to know what you guys think about it so let me know your thoughts in the comments area below.

I hope you guys like this article if you did make sure to subscribe to my blog Tips by GD for a lot more content like this and I'll see you guys in the next one

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