Byju's IAS Learning Tab Details and Initial Review! Features, Processor, Etc

Hello & Welcome guys to by blog Tips by GD my name is HK and today we will talk about the byju's IAS Tab.

I'll try to answer everything that you need to know before you buy this thing.

So i purchased this byju's IAS Tab, Then unboxed it now here i have the actual box off the tab itself basically this is a Lenovo tab 7 but it runs on byjus custom software as of now and it's priced at rupees 75 thousand for the 10 inch model and 70,000 INR for the 7 inches.

Now I know what you might be thinking about its price but to be honest they are not charging that much for the tab itself but what's inside it.

I mean it might seem a lot of money even for the course but the truth is that getting coaching from prestigious places for the UPSC preparations are far more expensive than this and if you keep that in your mind you know that it's not that much expensive as compared to what other institutions ask for.

Box Contains Items 

Now here i have the Tab itself. 
What i else get in the box here we get the 
Quick Start Guide 
Warranty card along with the 
Adopter and the USB type C cable 

Now keep in mind that it's not the usual microUSB cable.


It is the Lenovo tab 4, now talking about the screen it's got a 10 inchess 1280×720p resolution IAS HD display and 

Camera & Other Features

On top of it has a 2 megapixel front-facing camera along with dual front speakers and on the rear you get the black matte finish and a 5 megapixel snapper the phone also includes the 3.5 mm headphone jack and a single SIM card slot along with expandable SD card slot which can be extended to as much as 128 gigabytes it's basically a 2 gigabyte RAM and 16 gigabyte ROM variant.


Talking about the processor it's powered by the old snapdragon 425 quad core chipset the same chipset which powers the redmi 5e.

image source - Byjus 

Battery Capacity

Talking about the battery capacity, it's got a huge 7,000mAh battery to make sure that it never runs out of it.


when you needed considering the specifications this thing is not a big deal but specifications are not the key factor of this device on the first place.

it's what we get inside so after booting up the device.
So as I said earlier this device is based on Android version 7.0 but you wouldn't know that because it runs on the Byjus custom software in it you cannot access anything on this device apart from the course itself.

image source - Byjus

When I say we can't use anything I literally mean it we cannot install or open any apps and we cannot even access the cameras and it's kind of a nice way to make sure that the person doesn't get distracted by things available out there.

So I personally feel that it's a very bold yet right decision that is made since the amount of money that you'll be spending on this thing is huge so I'm sure that you yourself will consider this thing right.

Now if you are curious that what would happen of this tab when the course ends then let me tell you that when the duration of the course ends the Byjus software will be removed and you'll be able to use this tab like any other normal tab out there.


Now if we look at the course is provided here in a very systematic manner you'll find all of the topics and subjects covered here and let me point it out that in the duration of the course you can only watch a video three after that you won't be able to access it so this is a very good way of making sure that you're serious and paying your full attention while watching a video.

Now it can tell you a lot about this course of the tab since I am not the one who purchased it or neither I am preparing for it. You guys should know a lot more than me but I try to tell you as much as I can about this thing and it's very nice to see that the day has come when your location is not a barrier anymore and that anyone can access a quality education from their homes itself.

You don't need to travel to faraway places and pay a fortune amount of money to get the required knowledge to compete and qualify in these competitive examinations.

I know this was kind of a different topic for me but it's related to tech right so I couldn't miss this opportunity 

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